"When you work with Erin, you get a sense that she is deeply invested in your project. She is refreshingly professional in terms of responding promptly to my emails and thorough in her inquiry and understanding of my work. Erin's insight and suggestions give me a sense of progress and hope. What more could a writer ask for in an editor?"

—Sharon Wood, author of Rising (adult non-fiction)

"I hired Erin to do a substantive edit of my memoir and was extremely satisfied with her work. She was thorough, efficient, and made excellent suggestions as to how I could develop my manuscript and take it to the next level. Her editorial report was detailed, giving thoughtful reasons to back her propositions, and the manuscript file and accompanying marginal comments were easy to follow and complementary of the report. Erin is also as excellent a communicator as she is an editor; she was quick to respond to emails, answer questions, and schedule phone calls when needed, and she took the time and consideration to do so. I would not hesitate to recommend Erin and look forward to hiring her again for further edits of my memoir."

—Olivia Kingsbury, author of Forgive Me If I Fall (adult non-fiction)

"Erin Parker was a godsend for my novel. She responded quickly and professionally and gave me several different options in terms of her services when I was unsure of what type of editing would be the most beneficial. Her editorial report highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses of my novel and helped me think about some of the issues I was facing in new ways, reinvigorating my own enthusiasm for the project. Writing can be a lonesome endeavour and it was incredibly encouraging to have someone of her skill and talent in my corner. I look forward to working with her again soon."

—Morgan Wolf, author of Altruism in Gophers (adult fiction)

"I am so grateful for Erin Parker's amazing work. She significantly enriched my story by asking all the difficult questions, identifying the inconsistencies, and drawing out noteworthy traits of each character, creating deeper connections with them all. She offered fantastic suggestions to any recommended revisions and I especially loved the highlights of her favourite moments within the story. Erin's support, positive feedback, and enthusiasm throughout the entire project have given me the motivation and confidence to pursue an author's dream."

—Stacey Leahy, author of Sterling Towers and the Starseeds (young adult fiction)

"Even editors need editors! I was so tangled up in my own writing that I couldn't see it clearly. Erin showed me how to combine several of my stories for a more cohesive manuscript. Her stylistic edits were fabulous and I was able to accept nearly all of her suggestions with ease. I appreciated her dedication to timelines and her cheery attitude, and I hope to work with her again on a future project."

—Sheila Cameron, freelance editor and author of Shine Bright: Live a Supernova Life (adult non-fiction)

"Working with Erin on my novel, A Discord of Ghosts, was a genuine pleasure. Erin's method of editing demonstrates her deep engagement with the material—characters, plot, and setting—in a manner that excites and inspires the author. Thanks to her skills, I feel confident about making my book resonate with a wider range of readers. I also found her to be personable and responsive to any questions I had, at all stages of the process. Erin will give your writing project her full attention, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality editor. You will not be disappointed!"

—Dee McKinney, author of A Discord of Ghosts (adult fiction)

"Erin's advice was practical and insightful. I knew some things weren't working in my manuscript but couldn't quite put my finger on them. She was able to point them out precisely and politely. I appreciated that her feedback during my manuscript assessment was constructive and impartial. Also, because her feedback was specific, rather than generic, I was able to actually make changes that improved the manuscript. I'm looking forward to working with her again!"

—Alli Vail, author of Terminal City 12 (adult fiction)

"Erin is a star. Page Two hired her to copy edit a rush book that we were publishing. The scope grew significantly, and she ended up doing developmental and substantive editing on it, too. I'm still marvelling at how she was able to address the big picture of structure and tone and content while catching all the details at the same time. She guided the writer with intelligence and grace, she met or exceeded every deadline, she worked incredibly fast, and she delivered stellar work at every pass. And she did it all with superhuman good nature. She's a true joy to work with and we can't wait to hire her again."

—Trena White, principal of Page Two Strategies and publisher of Page Two Books

"I'd like to thank Erin for her outstanding editing work on my upcoming YA/sci-fi novel, The Black Heart of the Station. Erin is easy to work with, approachable, supportive, and constructive. Her thorough analysis and perceptive insights were invaluable in helping me focus on the strengths, weaknesses, and overall direction of my manuscript. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a first-rate editor."

—Jay Storey, author of The Black Heart of the Station (young adult fiction)

"I chose to work with Erin based on her very thorough sample edit. Unlike other editors, she was able to see extraneous words and streamline phrases that hadn't seemed encumbered before. She added clarity and polish to the manuscript and made excellent story suggestions. I'm thrilled with the end result and will definitely be working with Erin again."

—Lorraine Tao, author of Cake Face (adult fiction)

"In my first conversation with Erin, I knew she was the editor for me. She is friendly, professional, and honest. Working with her was effortless. Her manuscript assessment was full of great suggestions and written in a constructive, friendly way. It was hard for me to let go of my book, but Erin made me feel comfortable from the beginning. With Erin's suggestions, I know my book is only going to get better!"

—Melissa Manzone, author of The Orphan Queen (adult fiction)

"As a first-time novelist, I was very lucky to work with Erin as my editor. She communicates the process and expectations clearly, is open to adjusting them to best serve the specific manuscript, and maintains regular, informative contact during the period of editing. Her edits reflect the meticulous ethic with which she approaches the work. The comments she gives in the manuscript and editorial report are a perfect balance of encouraging affirmation of what works and well-reasoned suggestions for improvement. I feel that she has accepted my manuscript on its own terms and shaped it into an even better version of itself!"

—Rebecca Fisseha, author of Vase Life (adult fiction)

"Erin is everything I hope for in a colleague: incredibly intelligent, detail-oriented, and insightful. At HarperCollins I was so impressed by her editorial instincts, her eagerness to learn, and how well she responds to feedback. Beyond all of this, she is hard-working and just a pleasure to have at the office."

—Kate Cassaday, Senior Editor, HarperCollins Publishers

"Erin has great editorial instincts, excellent copy editing skills, and can effortlessly move between genres and tasks from proofreading fiction to editing non-fiction to marking up page layouts. She is smart, flexible, dedicated, and really great to work with. I would recommend Erin unhesitatingly."

—Brad Wilson, Editorial Director, Collins Canada, HarperCollins Publishers